Gerontology Care Manager National, SF Bay Area
Gerontology Care Manager National, SF Bay Area
Gerontology Care Manager National, SF Bay Area

Leading Geriatric Consultant & Care Manager for all U.S., All SF Bay Area

Successful Aging For Individuals, Corporations, Nonprofits, Government Agencies

Successful aging is a vitally potent and relevant goal for all seniors. Its essential meaning is to describe and prescribe aging quality and the pursuit of quality of life in the senior years. It is a multidimensional concept and in my view the main focus of successful aging is on how to cultivate and expand functional years as we progress in life's latter season.

I am a geriatric and gerontology care manager and advocate / consultant for aging individuals. I also bring caring, expert consulting and advocacy to corporations and their senior staff and retirees, and, as well, to nonprofit and government agencies. SF Bay Area and all U.S. locales geriatric consulting and advocacy.

The longer you live, the more beautiful life becomes.
— Fessha Taye

Top Geriatric Consultant - Transforming the Evolution of Aging for Families, Companies, Organizations & Nonprofits - from the U.S. to Ethiopia

35 Years Experience, Expertise

Individual Services

  • Locating best resources
  • Helping navigate bureaucracies
  • Helpful consulting, guidance

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Corporate Services

  • Consulting across senior interests
  • Guidance in decision making
  • Serving on corporate boards

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Nonprofit Services

  • Expert in aging, age related issues
  • Guest lecturing
  • Consulting on senior populations

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Ethiopian Services

  • Promote aging services
  • Specific consulting services
  • Working with policy makers

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Geriatric Care Manager, Gerontologist Consultant, Advisor, Advocate - For all US, All SF Bay Area Cities, All Ethiopia

As a leading U.S. geriatric consultant, the main essence of what I will accomplish is to assist aging individuals toward success in their journey in life as they grow older. In my gerontology consulting I advise corporations, organizations or agencies which are working with aging employees or charges—to help them succeed in bringing about the most fulfilling lives for these seniors.

I am also available to participate in governance of organizations by sitting on their board or advising them in building a successful organization that enhances and enriches the lives of the elderly.

As a gerontology care manager and lifestyle consultant for individuals, families and organizations I bring you 35 years of comprehensive experience in all aspects of elderly life-quality issues and expressions. My advising services are available locally across the San Francisco Bay Area, and for all of the U.S. and Ethiopia—where I was born and raised. Geriatric care manager locally - San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Fremont, Hayward, Sunnyvale, Concord, Santa Clara, Santa Rosa, Vallejo, Berkeley. 

Testimonial 1

Over the last eight years, your stewardship of NCPHS has been characterized by innovative ideas, strategic thinking and your tireless efforts to improve care and services being offered to our senior residents. Your energy and devotion to the role you participated in will be difficult to match.

Barbara Hood

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Testimonial 2

Fessha Taye is that rare individual who is at the same time, a thoughtful scholar, accomplished academic, successful entrepreneur, global thinker and kind gentleman with a heart of service. I enjoy our friendship and every opportunity to collaborate to make the world a better place.

Anabel Pelham, Ph.D.,CPG

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Testimonial 3

My late husband John with his Parkinson’s and dementia progressing, you and your staff did what you set out to do in an admirable professional manner. You are a true credit to your organization, your profession, and to the field of gerontology. Many could benefit from your example.


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Fessha Taye
595 Estudillo Ave., Suite A.
San Leandro, CA 94577
Fax: 510-667-9727
Phone Ethiopia +251-901-28-00-00 / +251-967-11-77-77

CALL (510) 220-8266 U.S.

Innovative Consulting
For The Most Fulfilling
Senior Lives


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