Fessha Taye, PhD — gerontologist
caring, expert aging-seniors advisor and advocate
Fessha Taye, PhD — gerontologist
caring, expert aging-seniors advisor and advocate
Fessha Taye, PhD — gerontologist
caring, expert aging-seniors advisor and advocate



As your two-term of being part of the Board of Director has recently come to a close with NCPHS, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work and commitment in building and growing NCPHS to what it is today. We would like to especially extend our appreciation for initiating and working through the implementation of our Inclusion Committee.

Over the last eight years, your stewardship of NCPHS has been characterized by innovative ideas, strategic thinking and, most valuable, your tireless efforts to improve care and services being offered to our senior residents. With a change in our core demographics, our focus was on adapting to a new type of consumer. Your ability to quickly recognize that consumers who are looking for more than a place to live out their retirement and are looking for a community that will welcome them was a great tool for us in our growing effort.

Your energy and devotion to the role you participated in will be difficult to match, but you leave NCPHS as a better organization and on a strong footing for those who are serving now and to be following you.

It is our great pleasure on behalf of NCPHS and the board to thank you for your dedication and to your contribution in the two terms you have served as a Board Member. Wishing you all the very best in your future endeavors and we look forward to seeing in some capacity as an aging professional who is dedicated to serve those who need our compassionate services.

Barbara Hood

President & CEO
NCPHS (Northern California Presbyterian Homes and Services)


Fessha Taye is that rare individual who is at the same time, a thoughtful scholar, accomplished academic, successful entrepreneur, global thinker and kind gentleman with a heart of service. I enjoy our friendship and every opportunity to collaborate to make the world a better place.

Anabel Pelham, Ph.D.,CPG.

President, National Association for Professional Gerontologists (NAPG)
Founding Director, Center for Age Friendly Excellence (CAFE)
Professor Emerita, Gerontology, San Francisco State University
Board of Directors, President Elect, Oregon Gerontological Association (OGA)


I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff at Senior Pro Services. Oftentimes, simple acts of professionalism and kindness are taken for granted and fall unnoticed through the cracks. These past few years with John have been challenging, tiresome, and at times stressful to all of us including us the family. My late husband John with his Parkinson’s and dementia progressing, you and your staff did what you have set out to do in an admirable professional manner. If it wasn’t through your personal involvement with our fiduciary needs as well as the care management Lynn provided and the nursing staff and the care staff’s courteous and efficiency, we would not have made it throughout all these years. Yours and your staff’s involvement with us for the past five years was wonderful and memorable.

Although I am fully pleased and satisfied with what your agency Senior Pro Services has provided and accomplished for John, my main reason for composing this email to you was to express my gratitude to you on a personal level.

Throughout this ordeal, you have addressed all my questions and concerns regarding my husband's condition and subsequent health care follow ups, including his surgeries with patience and clarity by being the to-go person between his doctors and his family. As you would recall, we had numerous professionals in your capacity as a professional fiduciary and care managers who have worked with us before we acquired your services. Your willingness to jump into the fray when we needed a mediator because of family issues, your patience in listening to all sides and getting us to focus on the primary issue which was John’s care was the greatest contribution to John and to the rest of the family. At times the family was immersed into our own egos and self-centered decision making process which was not the best and ideal situation for John. Now after my husband has passed I can comfortably and with no uncertain terms say that your involvement in John’s life has contributed for him to be alive and be with us as long as he did.

There are many professionals in your line of work who would better themselves to realize that being a gerontologist or a care manager is nothing more than just giving recommendations and suggestions to a problem or an issue. However, your style is above and beyond providing scattering recommendations and suggestions. It also includes following through and seeing the end result benefiting the patient. I remember the incident when you challenged the KP doctor when he suggested surgery on John’s back to alleviate the lump on his back. The surgeon was speechless after you challenged his decision and was quick to change his plans and followed through with what you have recommended. The hospital and the doctor were out to make money from Medicare by performing the surgery when the problem could have been addressed in a very simple way of how you explained it to the doctor. This was among a few of the memorable extraordinary contributions which were above and beyond the call of your duty that has provided good comfort and care to John.

You are a true credit to your organization, your profession, and to the field of gerontology. Trust me, there are many who could better themselves by taking a lesson from the fine example that you set out to do each day.

With warm Regards,

Fessha Taye
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