Best Senior Care Consultant & Advisor
Consulting For All U.S., Ethiopia, Local SF Bay Area
Top Senior Care Consultant, Advisor
Consulting all U.S., Ethiopia, local SF Bay Area
Senior Care Consultant, Advisor, Advocate -
Consulting all U.S., Ethiopia, local SF Bay Area

Senior Care Consulting, Aging Population Consultant All U.S. San Jose, Oakland, All San Francisco SF Bay Area - & Ethiopia

As a senior care consultant and an aging population consulting advisor (for businesses to individuals) on the challenges facing the U.S. and Ethiopia in a rapidly growing senior and elder population, Fessha Taye brings an unusually strong focus of insight into how to bring about solutions for the problems involved in making aging as healthy, fulfilling and successful as possible. His senior persons advocacy has been put to work for individuals to smaller to large groups, and his 35 years in the field have fully brought him into the forefront of solving the challenges of how to improve the life expression and qualities of large senior populations in countries. Expert aging population problems consultant for healthcare and needs solutions. Senior care consulting (consultant) serving locally the entire San Francisco (SF) Bay Area, nationwide and Ethiopia. San Jose. San Francisco. Oakland. Fremont. Santa Rosa. Hayward. Sunnyvale. Santa Clara. Vallejo. Concord. Berkeley - all towns and cities.


“What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good.”

Fessha came to the United States after finishing high school in his native Ethiopia. While studying Health Science, Biology and Business Administration at San Francisco State University, he supported himself by working in the hospitality industry. He began as a dishwasher, then quickly worked his way up to become the General Manager of a major hotel chain. Fessha soon opened his first restaurant, Buttercup Café, in Berkeley, CA. After years of success with the café, he opened the Buttercup Cocina, a fine dining restaurant with Caribbean and Latin American flavor.

Fessha enjoyed success in the business world, but he soon realized that his true calling was to help others. He sought to provide direct core services to seniors, the impoverished, the underprivileged, and the physically and mentally challenged. With this new goal, Fessha returned to college, where he earned his MA in Gerontology. He has also earned business degrees and care certificates to better serve others in need.

With his degree in gerontology, Fessha started his passion project, Senior Pro Services, in 2003. The company that provided professional fiduciary services, comprehensive clinical health management services, personal care and care-giving management services.

Fessha has gone on to found three non-profit organizations in the United States (501-C3, 501-C4, 501-C12), and one in Ethiopia. All aid seniors, refugees, and immigrants. He has also volunteered his time and expertise as a consultant and as an advisor and as a board member to non-profit organizations as well as to senior housing organizations, churches, and immigrant organizations.

Degrees, Certificates and Diplomas

  • PhD candidate in Leadership in Gerontology, Concordia University, Chicago, IL
  • Certified in Managing Health and Chronic condition in Older Adults, University of Southern CA
  • MA, Gerontology, San Francisco State University
  • BS, Biological Science, San Francisco State University
  • BA, Business Management, California State East Bay, Hayward
  • AS, Fiduciary Management, California State Fullerton
  • Certified Care Manager (NACCM)

Current Professional Highlights

CEO, Founder and Owner of Senior Pro Services, LLC. (USA). A company dedicated to enriching the lives of the elderly, impoverished, and physically and mentally challenged individuals by providing a comprehensive and superior array of clinical and non-clinical in-home health care services.

Fessha Taye

Below is the Senior Pro Services presentation video produced for Fessha Taye's company and emblematic of the quality of services he brings as an aging consultant. Top senior care consultant San Jose, San Francisco, all SF Bay Area, all U.S. and Ethiopia.

Fessha Taye
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