Aging Issues Elder Care Public Speaker -
Elderly Eldercare Consultant - Advocate Advisor
Aging Issues Elder Care Public Speaker - Elderly Eldercare Consultant - Advocate Advisor
Aging Issues Elder Care Public Speaker
Elderly Eldercare Consultant - Advocate Advisor


Serving the U.S. and Ethiopia — Successful Aging

Fessha Taye, PhD, is a leading eldercare consultant and successful advocate for aging individuals, corporations, nonprofits and government agencies needing guidance and decision-making in their senior-oriented programs. As a senior himself, he expertly applies 35 years experience in aging services to advising people and institutions on aging issues and pragmatic aging opportunities. As an aging issues public speaker for corporations, nonprofits and government agencies in the U.S. and Ethiopia he brings deep insight, recommendations and entertaining / instructive anecdotes to the vital world of senior and elders in American and global societies.

This translates into Mr. Taye being available for a wide range of activities in this extraordinarily important field: from helping individuals to guiding corporations or institutions on employees, sitting on governing boards, being integral to awareness-cultivation and planning teams at an organizational or country-wide government level.

As an aging issues elder care public speaker Fessha Taye is available for keynote or public speaking for audiences within corporations, nonprofits and government agencies. From local keynote speaker engagements in the San Francisco SF Bay Area to nationwide and Ethiopia bookings.

The quickly-growing baby boomer aging population will reach 1.5 billion by 2050, with 1 in 6 people globally being over the age 65 by 2050. Are leaders of nations ready for this influx of aging individuals? Serving entire U.S. and locally to San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Hayward, Fremont, Sunnyvale, Concord, Santa Clara, Santa Rosa, Vallejo, all Bay Area towns and counties.

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Individual Consulting, Advocacy Services

In essence, Fessha Taye’s consulting and advocacy for individuals is along the lines of a care manager, working to locate resources and smooth the process of entering or hiring such resources — such as assisted living facilities or in-home caregivers. Mr. Taye has over 35 years of expertise and deep experience in individual advocacy, having started and run a U.S. company delivering such expert services.

  • In-home caregivers
  • Adult daycare facilities
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Transportation options
  • Clinical home health care

In addition, I may be able to help the senior or the family work through the bureaucracy associated with:

  • Private insurance
  • Medicare
  • Fiduciary services (conservatorship, trust and estate management)
  • Appropriate medical resources
  • Financial matters

Corporate Employee Aging Issues Consulting, Board Governing Services - all U.S., Local SF Bay Area

Corporations daily work with and manage the needs and employment/work lifestyle of their employees who are entering their senior years. Seeing to the needs and fulfillment of senior stakeholders is a comprehensive corporate responsibility, and Mr. Taye brings extraordinary skills, insights, experience and expertise to this area for companies, from local to international. Corporation employee aging issues elder care consulting for companies in every state - with Fessha Taye helping your team meet your needs.

He is also available to sit on corporate governing boards as a voice of advocacy and advice on the germane issues of senior stakeholders.

Mr. Taye’s skills comprehensively apply to companies that offer senior care services and products.

Health Insurance:
My experience in Senior Services has helped me to know the details about health insurance for the aged. Corporation retiring employees - most corporations have benefits packages for their retirees that include healthcare services. For this reason, I can consult for their senior employees and retirees to help them through the selection process of health care insurance coverages. I can also provide advice on Medical and Medicare benefits and entitlements.

Senior Living:
I have great experience in senior housing and living arrangements. For this reason, I may be able to provide choices and options for their working senior employees as well as for their retirees.

Hospital System and Home Health Care:
The current business that I have has provided me with ample knowledge and experience on how the hospital systems operates and how home health care services operate. For these reasons, I may be able to provide adequate resources and information for their aging employees and former employees.

Long-term care and Personal Caregiving Services:
The same for this type of service as well. I have lots of knowledge and experience in long-term care and personal caregiving services. The company that I have now works with many long-term insurance companies. We also provide private duty caregiving services.

Financial Services:
As a former professional fiduciary who was licensed by the State of California to provide fiduciary services, I had ample opportunity to get exposure to different financial investment options and portfolios of the aged. I have also personally performed the task of a Trustee for aging individuals.

Guest Speaking, Public Speaker:
Mr.Taye is available to speak at corporate management gatherings, stakeholder events, or all corporate events or convention events. He brings 35 years of experience, insights, anecdotes, wisdom, humor and entertainment to speaking and engaging with audiences. Local aging public speaker San Francisco SF Bay Area or nationwide.

In my experience, companies that invest in gerontologists focus on their older customers by:

1. Investing in research
2. Training employees regarding the unique needs of older adults
3. Actively supporting trade associations and their initiatives
4. Closely monitoring activities in the public sector and policy arena

All with the goal of anticipating challenges that lie ahead for an aging population and developing best-in-class service and products to meet those evolving customer needs.

Nonprofit, NGO Aging Elder Care Consulting

NGO elder care consultant (consulting) - nonprofit institutions and NGOs that have aging populations as part of their brief often need expert consulting in a variety of age-related fields that include aging health, fulfillment and attitudinal opportunity. Nonprofit aging and elder care consulting and advocacy - Mr. Taye brings his expertise, insights and forward thinking in successful aging to nonprofits in the U.S. and NGOs operating in Africa, especially in Ethiopia.

He is available as a short or long-term aging services consultant to nonprofits and NGOs, both for smaller, focused groups or larger groups and cooperative institutions working together.

Mr. Taye is available as a guest or keynote speaker for audiences interested in or engaged in aging issues and services and senior life opportunities. He speaks regularly on the theme of Successful Aging.

Ethiopia Aging / Elder Care Consulting

Ethiopia — Individual Seniors
Promote aging awareness and agining services in Mr. Taye’s home country of Ethiopia. This is accomplished through this small-scale consultation firm and working as a consultant/advocate for Ethiopian seniors.

Ethiopia – Leaders and Policy Makers
1.) Work with policy makers and leaders towards creating awareness about aging and aging issues in Ethiopia.

2.) Be involved in having laws such as “Elder-Law” enacted and on the books, teaching institutions to start teaching gerontology in higher education and even create awareness at young age to avoid ageism (stereotyping).

3.) Engage leaders to start thinking in building retirement communities for the aging population who would like to retire in a secured setting. This is highly essential for the retiring aging diaspora participants who are immigrating back to Ethiopia.

4.) Speak as a guest speaker or keynote speaker at government, coroprate, public, and NGO events.

5.) Fruition of Mr. Taye’s dissertation study and research work
PhD – Dissertation Research Study
Never Going “Back Home”: An Analysis of Ethiopian Immigrant Retirees’ Apparent Reluctance to Return to Their Country of Origin After Retirement.

To see aging African (mainly Ethiopian diaspora immigrants) remigrate back to their roots upon retirement. To go back to their roots and to successfully age. At the same time they will help their country prosper by sharing their education, knowledge, and wisdom gained in the west. To possibly also invest in their motherland by being a stakeholder. Help themselves thrive while at the same time help in growing the economy of their country.

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